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Design Process

Our Design Process

Research & Branding

During this process some questions will be fielded to you about the project to get a deeper understanding of how exactly to proceed. Depending on the type of design, this session might be longer than usual, as we will need as much information from you to conduct our research and try and design the right project that fits what your looking for. 

Design & Delivery

Based on information gathered from research & branding, this is where we’ll compile all the information gathered and put together a design that best fits all that we discussed above.

Review & Adjustments

This is where you will have the chance to review the design and request the necessary adjustments you see fit. Based on the design package you have some free revisions to make adjustments. 

Final Delivery

After all the necessary adjustments have been made, the final delivery of your project will be delivered to you via your email address along with all the file type based on the design package that you choose.